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By guest, Apr 13 2015 04:30PM

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Mar 3 2017 05:38AM by Mad customer

I took my truck down to put a water pump on. Charged me$150.00 broke a bolt off in my thermostat, broke a easy out on top of the bolt, drilled six's holes all the way around the bolt, told me to come back and he would fixs it, me and my son went back Saturday and he said a friend of his came to pigion forge he had to go see he's friend before he could fixes he's own mistake, so I took it to another garage Monday and see another man and showed he a picture of what he done wrong, now it's gonna cost me,$686.00 to get a while intake put on. Because he drilled whole all in the intake. I wouldn't refer the garage to anyone because you wanted fix your screw ups.

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